Porr Farewell Video

This is the music video that I made for Porr who was leaving Ann Arbor. This is the song Pass the Love Forward sang by 18 of us. Note that Porr is not the person in the picture. I just could not resist posting this picture.

Cast (In order of appearance): Pooh, Ta, Deer, Nine, Tim, Choob, Ou, Aor & Palm, Pae, Ploy & G, Orm, Thian, Mai, Jing, Top, Pacha.

Click at the image blow to download the video

Note 1: I noticed that the audio is not synchronized with the video and that is the Quicktime encoder problem. The video is lagged by a few frames, which is not too much but is still annoying to me. I will try to find a work around and update the video soon.

Note 2: After spending an entire evening trying various settings, I gave up. The delay is minimal and you should overlook it. (Now that I mentioned the delay, you will probably notice it now.) I refused to use MPEG encoder since it did not look as nice. Maybe I should use it.....